• How to use AWS Lambda & S3 to build scalable & reliable serverless applications


    AWS Lambda can be used to process event notifications from Amazon S3. S3 can send an event to a Lambda unction when an object is created or deleted. This event-driven architecture can be used to build a scalable & reliable serverless applications.

    In this article, we will look at how to build a simple application to create thumbnails of images stored in S3 using AWS Lambda.

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  • How to create AWS billing alerts using Lambda, Cost Explorer & SES



    Amazon provides the ability to create Billing Alarms that can be used to alert whenever your AWS bill exceeds a certain threshold. However, this approach has a few shortcomings:

    • You need to set a predefined threshold. When you are first starting to use AWS, it’s hard to know what your AWS bill will look like. A lot of people set this threshold pretty low to be safe.

    • An alert like this tends to be reactive instead of proactive. The alarm gets triggered once the threshold has already crossed. For example, I had forgotten to turn off an EC2 instance I was no longer using but I only found out about a week later once my billing threshold crossed the limit.

    Cost Explorer does provide an easy-to-use interface that can help keep you on top of your billing data. However, this requires one to use the tool regularly to ensure we don’t miss anything.

    In this article, we will look at how to build a simple pipeline to send us billing reports over email. The generated report will look like this:


    The tools we will use are:

    • AWS Lambda
    • Simple Email Service
    • Cost Explorer API

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  • AWS Lightsail Deep Dive: What is it and when to use

    AWS Lightsail doesn’t usually show up in a list of AWS’ most popular services. However, Lightsail can be a great service to use especially if you are looking for a service that is easy to set up and has low maintenance. In this article, we will take a deeper look into Lightsail, when to use it and compare it to some of its competitors.

    AWS Lightsail is a collection of building blocks that make it easy to get a web application up and running pretty quickly. These building blocks are:

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  • AWS API Gateway: HTTP vs REST

    I was recently looking into API Gateways for a project. As I was reading up on AWS’ API Gateway, I realized that there were two options that I could potentially choose: REST APIs or HTTP APIs. The two services had similar names and provided similar features and left me feeling pretty confused about which option was more suitable for my use-case.

    One can always count on AWS to create new products that end up confusing people even more. As I started digging deeper to understand the differences, I wondered why Amazon created an entirely new HTTP API service instead of improving the existing REST API service. This way the customers get all the benefits and don’t have to spend time trying to understand the differences and choosing the right service for themselves.

    In this article, I’ll try and do a comparison between the two services, and hopefully, that will be useful for folks who are trying to decide between the two services.

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  • How to build a Serverless Data Platform on AWS

    With the growing popularity of Serverless, I wanted to explore how to to build a (Big) Data platform using Amazon’s serverless services. In this article, we will look into what is a data platform and the potential benefits of building a serverless data platform. We will also look at the architectures of some of the serverless data platforms being used in the industry.

    What is a Data Platform?

    Over the last decade, software applications have been generating more data than ever before. As computation and storage have become cheaper, it is now possible to process and analyze large amounts of data much faster and cheaper than before.

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