Why should you care about where to host your blog?

Have you ever had to face any of these issues with your site?

  • Reliability: Frequent downtime leading to bad user experience. There could be many reasons for this such as hardware failures, security issues or application errors.

  • Scalability & Flexibility: Your site went viral but it couldn’t handle the sudden increase in traffic. One of the major reasons for this is that many hosting providers limit the bandwidth and storage you can use.

  • Pricing: Most hosting providers charge a fixed fee every month. If you end up not using all the resources, you overpay for the service.

  • Developer friendly: There is no easy and programmatic way to interact with the underlying infrastructure. You have to manually update your site every time you make changes.

There is good news! Amazon provides a service called Simple Storage Service also known as “S3” that solves a lot of the problems mentioned above.

Amazon S3 is a simple key, value store which can store as many files as you want. These objects are stored in buckets.